Yes, we are open.

When we started LugUndTrug in 2007, we already looked back at over a decade of hands-on VFX experience. Our vision for the future was simple: Building a culture of cooperation to create the most extraordinary images possible. A culture with a brave new kind of openness: Open to every idea, regardless of who had them, open to others’ perspectives and differences, open to every evolution of our craft, and above all, open to the unexpected

Remember the nineties?

Rhythm is a Dancer fought hard with Hey Macarena! for the title of most irritating earworm, terrifying dinosaurs came to life, mummies from Egypt were brought back from the dead, Neo and Mr. Anderson battled it out in the mind-bending Matrix, and award-winning music video, tv and movie companies proved to be a terrific experimentation ground for emerging VFX talent. Exciting times, perfect for honing our skills. And we did.

Since then, VFX has been skyrocketing in both popularity and complexity, dramatically improving in production quality. What we can achieve today through the creative use of digital technology is nothing short of miraculous.

Where the magic happens.

Operating out of Berlin and Köln, LugUndTrug delivers full-service VFX for feature film, television and advertising, no matter the size of the project. Led by founders Stefan, Max and long-time collaborator Markus, our team of highly skilled artists, producers, visionaries, storytellers, world-builders and creative technologists work together in an inspiring environment of shared expertise and creativity.

We offer consulting to help bring your project to life, producing to oversee the entire VFX process, breakdowns to provide detailed analysis of the VFX work done and set supervision to ensure that all VFX elements are seamlessly integrated into live-action shots, transporting the audience to a world far beyond the visual ideas on a storyboard.

Boundless possibilities.

Hand us a challenge and we’ll hand you back a creative solution. For our clients, we sent a grinning cat on a shopping trip, had a guy single-handedly pull a giant whale back into the sea, and weren't even afraid to have a frog smack into a windowpane (Fortunately, he was not suicidal, just digital). We had a cow discuss show jumping, built the whole of Paris out of glass and moved the Mississippi to Brandenburg. Oh, and the geyser that erupted in the middle of the Eifel? Yes, we did that too. All with one common goal: Creating fascinating new experiences for today’s audiences by bringing magic to screens big and small.

Hello future, nice to meet you.

Fueled by a relentless curiosity we don't only look at the future. We embrace it. Whether experimenting with neural network architectures or exploring innovative ways to integrate artificial intelligence and real-time rendering into our work, we are constantly exploring the potential of new and emerging technologies. Boldly pushing the limits of visual imagination, we offer a powerful combination of innovative artistry and advanced technology, making the impossible not just possible, but utterly believable.