A Virtual Reality Experience

The Mercedes G-Class
Schöckl Experience

About the Project

Executive production company "Die Paten" and Mercedes approached us for a very special Virtual Reality Experience. The interior of the new G-Class 2018 was presented using high-end virtual reality.

LUGUNDTRUG built complete, photo-realistic car-interiors based on production CAD data. The exterior of the car is still secret, so virtual reality was a natural fit to show the different possible interiors to a selected group of journalists. Choose between three downhill tracks to go through an immersive off-road experience: driving down the famous schoeckl - Mercedes special test-track for the G-class.

The Feedback was overwhelming, and our VR-Experience was used again for the world-launch of the new g-class in Detroit 2018.

Our Cooperation

While LUGUNDTRUG prepared the CAD-assets and developed the Virtual Reality experience, executive production company "DIE PATEN" were in charge of the whole project including the 360-degree stereo shoot of the Schöckl in Graz with the Nokia OZO camera.

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